My husband and I hired Julianne as a day of coordinator for our May 7, 2016 wedding. I waited until the last minute to hire a coordinator, mainly because I wasn't sure I needed one, but as it got closer to my wedding, I started to panic about handling the details on my wedding day. I'm very glad we decided to hire Julianne- she provided peace of mind, kept track of details on the day of so nothing was forgotten, answered lots of last minute questions, designed a creative way for our uneven wedding party to do the recessional and most importantly wrote the timeline for the day and ensured we followed it. I had a large wedding party, with one bridesmaid flying in the afternoon of the wedding, so figuring out the timeline and sticking to it was not easy. Having Julianne there ensured that I focused on enjoying the day rather than worrying about logistics and details- she was wonderful and I would recommend her services to anyone planning a wedding or other event.

- Victoria


I used Julianne for a day of coordinator for my wedding in November. I couldn't have been more pleased, and impressed with her services. From our initial meeting, to the day of my wedding it was apparent Julianne was detailed oriented, thoughtful, hard-working and knowledgeable. She also instilled a calmness and confidence in myself, that everything would go smoothly on the day of. 

On the big day, I was able to focus on enjoying myself, spouse, family and friends-I never worried once that something was or was not done! Everything went so smoothly, and even if there was a hiccup I would have never known about it. Julianne was so efficient and smooth, she was always 3 steps ahead of what was about to happen next. With a guest count of over 150, I needed a coordinator to ensure everything went smoothly, and most importantly my family was able to enjoy the day as well. Julianne went above an beyond for us, and I would recommend her for any event large and small!



Julianne was the day-of coordinator for our wedding and I wish I could hire her again to run our wedding!

She met with me prior to the event and then even ran our rehearsal. She is thorough and detailed as well as very easy to get along with. The entire event went off without a hitch (pun intended) and I will say it is amazing to hand everything over to someone so trustworthy and know that she has it covered!

Hiring a day-of coordinator is the best decision anyone can make so that they can enjoy their wedding, but Julianne took this further. We were never without food or drink, she kept us running on time so that our guests weren't left hanging forever, and she went above-and-beyond on so many day-of tasks, I can't even list them all.

I loved planning my wedding but I loved having Julianne bring about the wedding of my dreams on the day-of even more while I soaked it all in, ate, drank and thoroughly enjoyed our guests.

- Bailey B


I can’t thank you enough for everything that you did to help make Mikaela and Joey’s wedding so perfect – and no work for me!!

You always had everting under control, running on time, and did this all in your calm mannerism. Every request I had, you fulfilled and as a result the guests were all happy and enjoying the event. You were able to make adjustments and decisions that helped the evening run smoothly, and allowed me to be on the dance floor!

All the personal items that we had for decorations were carefully taken down packed up, and organized for us to move the next day. What a relief it was to see that I wouldn’t have to stay up late into the evening to do all that after the guests left. That made it possible for me to enjoy the wedding right up to the last minute and say good-bye to guests. Thank you for giving me that gift!

I would definitely hire Julianne again!

- Sally B


Julianne was my day of coordinator - When people ask me about my wedding the first thing I say is that I cant imagine not having Julianne. She really made my vision come to life and my husband and I are so thankful she was there to make sure everything went as planned. She made sure that we did everything we wanted to get done & not one thing was missed or not communicated to me.

Our meetings leading up the wedding always felt productive and she completely understood what I wanted and what I could do with my budget. I just cant imagine my special day being any more perfect than it was and a lot of it was because Julianne.

Thank you so much, Julianne - you are amazing!

-     Lynette and Scott


I am honestly not sure how anyone gets married without a coordinator like Julianne.  She was so detailed ordinated, constantly checking in and meeting with me and verifying the details all the way to the last minute.   Without her help and assistance I don't know how we could have pulled off such an amazing day as it turned out to be.  Absolutely flawless!

-   Crystol


It (our wedding) was awesome! Everyone said it was one of the best weddings they've ever been to.

-     Kristen M.


We are just starting, but she has made me feel very comfortable. No, matter where you are in the staging she makes you feel that everything is good.

-   Elizabeth A


Julianne and her team are absolutely amazing to work with!

-   Charles


As an organizer of leadership seminars and events, excellence and efficiency of our staff and vendors is a must. For over ten years Julianne Santos has provided that for us. On many occasions she has been our on-site VIP Liaison.

In addition she has coordinated a variety of conference projects from decorations to travel to on-stage assistance.

Julianne has a positive “Can do” attitude and always does more than is expected.

I would highly recommend her for any meeting, conference or wedding.

-   Robert B. Harrison

President Harrison International Seminars


We planned on celebrating our Mom's 91st birthday celebration in Las Vegas, Nevada. We wanted more to the party than just eat, cake, sing Happy Birthday and then over. So we hired Julianne of J. Marie Weddings and Events. She literally took over the whole planning and connected with the restaurant's catering manager coordinating how the party will flow covering all aspects of the event.

She created a color theme and concept for the tablecloths, centerpieces, and other handmade party accessories and decorations for the venue.

On the day of the event, she was the first one to arrive at the restaurant coordinating with the catering manager and servers.  She decorated the whole room and got it all set up for our 11 am event.  When our family arrived, it was a jaw dropping moment of shock and surprise.  The place was vibrant and lively.  It was gorgeous.  Everything was in its proper places.  It was so beautiful and impressive that the restaurant manager stated "this is so beautiful!  It's the first time ever that we have had a group party as beautifully decorated and well organized like this".  She even asked Julianne if she does out of state events, which she does.

During the party, the program she made for the celebration made it so intimate, interactive, entertaining, and lots of fun.  There was not a dead moment.  She paced it in such a way that continuity flowed through the whole thing.

Overall, we were thankful that we decided to hire a professional event planner like Julianne.  Her coordinating expertise and creative skills helped us very much to minimize the stress, avoid confusion and mistakes, make the whole celebration fun and worthwhile for those who came a long way to Las Vegas and most of all made my Mom so very happy.   Julianne made our Mom's birthday an event to remember for as long as we all shall live.

-   Maria