More dates- for you!

More dates- for you!


Last year (2016) was a busy and exciting year for J. Marie. The calendar filled up quickly. I was proud to invite a partner in crime to join the team and she joins me again this year!

Jannice Rondon is a friend, a passionate creator, and is equipped to take on what 2017 holds.

Reflecting on 2016 I wanted to know what were Jannice’s most memorable moments and experiences coordinating with her brides.

Here’s our conversation:


Weddings are full of surprises- good and not so good- what was one surprise that comes to mind?


The fact that there are so many surprises is actually what continually surprises me most. As these surprises come up, I’m reminded every wedding why my role is important- to anticipate and take care of those surprises so the bride & groom, wedding party, and guests can can enjoy the wedding.  


What did you enjoy most about meeting your brides?


Discovering how unique they are and experiencing the connection with each one.


Was there a time when you had a fulfilling moment during one of your weddings?


Yes! A May wedding- 300 guests, 18 in the wedding party, and 2 different locations. This wedding presented a special set of challenges but the fulfilling moment happened when the bride told me all turned out well and everyone was enjoying their time.


What excited you most about your weddings last year?


Seeing couples enjoy thier moment to the fullest!

Both Jannice and I are anxiously waiting to meet our future brides. We're eager to take on more wedding dates and make amazing memories for many couples!

Bye now!


 Julianne and Jannice at the Seattle Wedding Show 2017

Julianne and Jannice at the Seattle Wedding Show 2017

Why to book us- A wedding coordinator

You can find many lists of why you should book a wedding coordinator. No doubt there is value in these lists. However, the best resource I can give you are reviews my past brides have given me. They sum up not only logistical reasons but the emotional and the feeling side of what they went through as the details of their day unfolded.

Here is a recent review from Alyssa:

I used Julianne for a day of coordinator for my wedding in November. I couldn't have been more pleased, and impressed with her services. From our initial meeting, to the day of my wedding it was apparent Julianne was detailed oriented, thoughtful, hard-working and knowledgeable. She also instilled a calmness and confidence in myself, that everything would go smoothly on the day of.

On the big day, I was able to focus on enjoying myself, spouse, family and friends-I never worried once that something was or was not done! Everything went so smoothly, and even if there was a hiccup I would have never known about it. Julianne was so efficient and smooth, she was always 3 steps ahead of what was about to happen next. With a guest count of over 150, I needed a coordinator to ensure everything went smoothly, and most importantly my family was able to enjoy the day as well. Julianne went above an beyond for us, and I would recommend her for any event large and small!


For future brides I’m sure you paid close attention to some key phrases that Alyssa used describing how I made her feel- “instilled calmness and confidence”, “never worried”.

So I could ask you- the weeks leading up to your wedding and the day of, do you want to be calm, confident, and not worried? I’m pretty sure your answer is yes and now you have the reasons and the value of why you should hire us at J. Marie Weddings to coordinate your     special day. :) 

Please contact me with any questions you have and check out my YouTube page HERE

Our calendar books up pretty quickly in January so don’t hesitate to chat with me!

Let’s Create so you can Celebrate!



Success. Fun. NW Bridal Show. Tulalip Washington

Just finished the Northwest Bridal Show at the Tulalip Resort and Casino.

I had a fantastic time with old friends and new.

I enjoyed talking with the many brides. With that sparkle in their eyes they told me about their upcoming weddings. That sparkle is why I do what I do.

Encouraging them to keep that sparkle and how to accomplish that all the way to the end of their special day was my goal at this show.

 I shared with them the importance of hiring me to coordinate all their plans so ALL they have to do on their wedding day is to:

1.     Have FUN looking gorgeous

2.     Soak in the look on the grooms face at the “first look”

3.     Smile pretty for pictures

4.      Float down the aisle like a princess

5.     Laugh & love with those there to celebrate the bride & groom


If you are a bride or know of a bride who wants to fully enjoy their day, get booked on my calendar!!

I’m booking 2016 and 2017 weddings now. Let’s create so you can Celebrate!!


Brides Keep Thanking Me!

I just completed a perfect summer wedding. 

The sky was sparkling blue, trees green swaying in the cooling breeze. There were smiles and laughs for all.

I was reminded how important my role as a coordinator is because the bride kept thanking me. All day she exclaimed "Thank you so much for being here, I don't know what I'd do without you!"

It is so fulfilling to be a part of one of the most important day of someones life. And on top of that, knowing how much they needed my coordination means that much more to me.

My goal is to initially help brides understand what I can do for them and that there is a huge value of a stress free day. 

What I can save you in time and stress is going to make your wedding day the best day of your life!

Let's Create so you can Celebrate!

Best wishes,